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Ahi 4.5 - 210mm
  • Ahi 4.5 - 210mm

    The Ahi Series is a real billfish specialist that incorporates a 10Deg face angle and enlarged front section that reduces in size toward the rear half of the head. These features produce an exceptional outrigger or long corner lure, with excellent all round performance over a range of speeds from 5 - 9 knots. Six sizes make up the Ahi series from the huge XOS down to the Ahi #5, all with exceptional fish raising characteristics. Although the Ahi series is used primarily for targeting billfish from small black marlin and sailfish up to the largest Blue and black marlin, some exceptional tuna captures have also been recorded on the Ahi.


      All colours are available across our entire range. The colour range images you see are of the Demon series - this is simply for illustration purposes. 

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