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We can rig your lures!

All lures are rigged with a single hook, with an overall length of 5’ 6” (1.65m), ideal for attaching to wind-ons, suited to standup tackle.

The lures are rigged on a co-polymer leader which has a hard outer surface to reduce wear and tear and a soft pliable core that is practically transparent in the water.

Mini Demons are rigged on 80lb with a 6/0 SL12.
All Size 5’s are rigged on 150lb with 7/0 j hook.
The size 4.5s are rigged on 150lb with 8/0 j hook.
The size 4s are rigged on 150lb with 9/0 j hook.
The size 3s are rigged on 200lb with 10/0 j hook.
The size 2s are rigged on 250lb with 11/0 j hook.

The size 1s are rigged on 250lb with 12/0 j hook.


Depending where you are located, the lures can either be set up with mono to the hook or rigged with wire behind the skirt to the hook to avoid getting bite offs from Wahoo and Mackerel.

All our size 4,3,2 and 1’s are also rigged with exclusive hook locks, recessed into the heads, to avoid the hook from moving from the prime hook up position in the lure.

If twin hook set ups are required, please contact us prior to ordering.

We can re skirt your Meridian Billfish and Tuna lures regardless of their age. Please contact us for pricing.

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Thanks, we'll be in contact soon!

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