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The Pacifica is a weighted straight running lure, an all rounder, suitable for any position.

Running slightly deeper than most skirted lures, appealing to those more cautious fish.

Suitable for all weather conditions, ideal running speed 6 to 10 knots.

Spectre Group.png

The Spectre series consists of a range of six sizes. This head is very different to most other heads on the market,
being an offset 10 degree cup face running an offset tow point.

This head has a quieter cycle to most other lures making it the ideal lure for big fish. The lure is best suited to long corner, long rigger and shot gun position,
with an ideal running speed of between 5-9 knots. 

Demon Group 1200px.png

The Demons are straight running lures that have as our widest size range of 8 different sizes.


The aerodynamic head shape, combined with the cone shaped nose profile, gives the Demons an enticing action that no predatory fish can resist.


With a huge running speed from of 6 - 14 knots. This lure is the perfect all rounder in every position on the boat. 

Saltshaker Group.png

The Salt Shaker series consists of a range of five sizes, with a straight running, weighted cup face jet design that is very unique.  

The head encompasses a huge dished face with a series of jet holes through the head, exiting to the outside of the skirts.

The commonly held fallacy, that jets are for tuna only, could not be further from the truth, with Salt Shakers accounting for five of the six billfish species available in Australian Waters in the first twelve months after its release.

This is the perfect head to be run in every position but best suited to the riggers and out long.   The lure is ideal for rough weather, it doesn’t matter how rough it is the lure will not blow out. 

It will hang in doing its job, with a trolling speed range of 6 to 16 knots.


This is our personal favourite head shape with accounting for many big fish, including Antony’s ex world record south bluefin tuna of 126kg.   

Ahi Group Master.webp

The Ahi Series is a real billfish specialist , but also has the reputation of bringing a lot of tuna unstuck.  The lure incorporates a 10 degree face angle and enlarged front section that reduces in size toward the rear half of the head. These features produce an exceptional outrigger or long corner lure, with excellent all round performance over a range of speeds from 5 - 9 knots.

Quasi Group.png

The Quasi series has performance characteristics unknown in other lure designs.  

The stout head design incorporates an oversized 10 degree sliced face that produces a huge bubble trail ideal for calling in those big fish of the deep.  

With an ideal running speed of 5 - 9 knots, this lure is best run in on the corners making a lot of noise or in the smaller sizes, way out back on shot gun by itself. 

Exocet Group FINAL.png

The Exocet is a strikingly different lure, both in shape and how it performs when trolled.

This range was specifically designed for targeting tuna and mackerel species,

with its long head shape and short skirts.

This lure comes out in 3 sizes, but is also made in weighted versions in the two smaller sizes allowing it to go deeper when trolled, or trolled at a high speed of 20 knots, 

with the ability to be cast into a school of fish or dropped down when stopped to be jigged for something different.

The lure should be loaded with a single hook only.

Dart Group.jpg

The Dart is an economical, straight running, weighed skirted lure, available in the full Meridian colour range. 

Suited to most sea conditions from calm to rough. 

The Dart lure style has arguably accounted for more giant tuna captures than any other lure style.

XOS Group FINAL sm.png

If big is what you are looking for in a lure, we have the solution. 

Our XOS Quasi, XOS Ahi, XOS Spectre and XOS Demon are among the largest lures available anywhere from Cairns to Kona.

This is the perfect giant lure to run on 60kg tackle rigged with hooks hunting that big Marlin,

or as a big teaser, when you’re targeting marlin, tuna or even kingfish, this lure will raise them all.

At just on 100 mm in length the Super Jerk is the smallest weighted lure in the Meridian Tackle range, coming in only two colours, white and pink, but has accounted for a staggering range of pelagic species. 

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