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Our lumo range is one of the biggest on the market with four different head lumo colours - green, blue, orange and purple. We also have  7 different lumo skirts - green lumo, blue lumo, orange lumo, purple lumo, lumo, calamari and yellowfin. Blue stripe also has a green lumo head with a blue lumo stripe running down the sides of a UV loaded skirt skirt.  

Keep your eyes on us as we expand our lumo range.

These UV Billfish Lures are known for pulling Marlin from deep water, and attracting Tuna in all conditions.

The lure skirts are set up with 15% lumo, two thirds more lumo than just about any other skirt on the market hence why they catch sooo well.   

Charging the Lumo range of lures and skirts is very important to get the best out of them.  

Green and blue lumo can be charged in a normal LED box, or on the bait table as they only require ultraviolet A (UVA) for up to 1/2 hour before being used, they will then hold a glow for 

up to 8hrs.

Orange and Purple lumo need  to be charged by natural sun, or a torch capable of ultraviolet B (UVB) for 1/2 hour before being used, they will then hold a glow for up 12hrs.  

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