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The Exocet is a strikingly different lure both in shape and how it performs when trolled. 

This range was specifically designed for targeting tuna species, with its long head shape and short skirts, and they should be loaded with a single hook only. 

The Exocet runs on or just under the surface of the water, as fleeing bait fish might do while being pursued by a predator. 
The Exocet is best suited to the long corner, riggers, or when used as a shotgun lure can turn a dead day into a day to remember.  With a speed range from 7 - 16 an effective high speed pattern can be used to cover large distances while searching for productive waters. 

The Exocets can be used to great effect while drifting and live batting or cubing for Tuna, simply allow an unweighted Exocet to sink to a suitable depth before setting the line in the rigger, then allow the motion of the boat to do the rest. 

Try it, the results may surprise. Three sizes are available in the Exocet series to increase your chances of success.

Exocet Group FINAL.png



    Exocet Size Guide.png


    The Colour Chart above is of the Demon range, but the colours of the Exoset are the same, so use this chart for colour reference.

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