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You can choose a colour after you select the size.

The Salt Shaker series consists of a range of five straight running, weighted jets of a very unique design. 

The head encompasses a huge dished face with a series of jet holes through the head, exiting to the outside of the skirts.
A reduced section immediately behind the face of the lure causes a pressure differential to be formed along the head, which in turn creates a huge bubble envelope that encapsulate the whole lure and then disperses into an extremely long smoke trail. The Salt Shaker will handle any water conditions and has a wide range of operational speeds that makes it the ideal lure for covering a large area at either normal or high speed. 
With a speed range from 6 - 16 knots, your options are as broad as your imagination.

The commonly held fallacy, that jets are for tuna only, could not be further from the truth, with Salt Shakers accounting for five of the six billfish species available in Australian Waters in the first twelve months after its release.

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